Celebrating One Year of Blogging| South Greece: Nafplio

colorful_houses_in_nafplio_greeceHello beautiful people,

This is a special post for me because I’m celebrating one year of blogging. It seems like it was yesterday when I decided to start this journey. And I’m so glad I did. I’m thankful for all your love and I hope my posts inspired you in some way..

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Ancient Athens+Zaful Update

Theater Of Dionysus

Hello beautiful people…

Happy Sunday… How is the weather in your country?… I’m freezing in mine… This winter is the coldest I remember, and I’m not big fan of snowy and chilly weather (I’m a summer person) so I try to stay in my home most of the time. So enough about the weather.

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Travel diaries 2016

Hello my friends,

I’m assuming you are all guessing what this post will be about (If you are a follower you’ll already know it’s about traveling, right :D) . I’ve been thinking a lot, whether to post it this month or the next, but I just couldn’t wait anymore and decided that I want to share it now. This is my 2016 through videos, all the places I’ve visited till now. So, enough talking and let the videos speak for itself.

1. Bucharest – Romania

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My favorite city


Do you have a place where you wanna go back over and over again? I do :D. The city is called Thessaloniki. I’m a person who loves the sun, the summer so, somehow I’m always attracted to the places, countries and cities, where there is excellent weather and pretty much that’s all I need. It’s surprising how this city is so alive 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, the cafeterias are full and I must say that you can get there the perfect coffee.

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